My boyfriend and I will be posting videos together on my channel every Monday. 

Why? Because when I was 13 years old I came out to a Yahoo chat-room and the first comment-er said “you are black, gay, and a man! Your family is going to hate you and you will die of AIDS before you hit 20”  For two horrible years I believed him and was suicidal; because nothing in the media at that time told me any different. Their is a power in being seen and I want to show every little black gay boy that you can be flamboyant, have your family, be in love, have and education, and a career, because I have and am all those things and more. 

I hope you enjoy watching; please subscribe and share with your friends and let’s all be seen and show the younger generation that anything is possible.


I just watched this music video and wanted to cry. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the song, though. oops.

Here is how I asked my boyfriend out to my departments Theater Formal! 

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Wastelands (2013) - Foreign with English subtitles


Christian & I <3


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Guys this is so cute, this is full of love, full of kisses, full of beauty. Aw I can’t stop smiling. :)

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Yay boyfriend :]<3 

omg. this. omg. he. what. asdfghj :3

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